Thursday, December 31, 2009 - The Year in Review

Today we have all been discussing our year and reflecting on improvements and things that have happened. Here are 23 highlights of 2009:
  1. The Ultimate Umpire Ball Bag is Redesigned
    With it's original pocket design and added waterproof interior lining, the bag is well-received and even designated as best umpire accessory by Midwest Ump blog.

  2. Full Time Staff Doubles
    Added staff to focus on customer service, marketing, stock management and accounting

  3. Unprecedented Ice Storm Shuts Us Down
    For 3 days just at the cusp of our busy season

  4. Facebook Fan Page Launched
    Now up to almost 300 fans, it provides a new and more informal way to interact and network with customers

  5. We Increase Our Community Involvement
    From donations to local little leagues to our involvement with UMPS CARE charities such as Golf Classic sponsorship and hospital visit, we do a little more this year than last

  6. We Launch the Ultimate Umpire Shirt
    The multi-featured shirt is named the #1 umpire shirt by Midwest Ump Blog and used in the NAIA World Series.

  7. We Become First Retailer to Discuss Mouthguards for Umpires
    Multiple blog and discussion board posts to talk about this potential way to lessen chances of concussions

  8. We Ride the Titanium and Silver Frame Mask Wave
    We become one of only 2 retailers to offer the Titanium Umpire Mask in a standard profile and push hard these and the Diamond Featherweight Mask with Silver Aluminum Alloy Frame

  9. We Double Our Umpire Pants Selection
    Focusing on charcoal grey and navy and using expanded waistbands

  10. I Meet with Wilson Sporting Goods at Chicago Headquarters
    To share ideas and get insights on product enhancements

  11. We Begin Using Local Umpires and Officials in Professional Product Shots

  12. We Become an Official US Lacrosse Supplier
    And offer an US Lacrosse referee starter kit

  13. We Start Advertising in Referee Magazine
    Half and full-page ads beyond the classified section

  14. I am Interviewed by
    The in-depth review can be found here.

  15. We Attend NCAA Umpire Clinic for First Time
    In Chicago with excellent success

  16. We Say Goodbye to Spot-bilt
    We sell the last of our spot-bilt shoe selection after their parent company shut down that division.

  17. We Become Only Officiating Retailer to Offer Oakley Sunglasses

  18. We Add the Industry's Only Women's Referee Shirt and Referee Cap Sized for Kids

  19. We Add Over 60 New Products
    Including new Reebok plate umpire shoes, New Balance field shoes, a greater variety of wide shoe sizes, innovative waterproof football referee cards, new umpire protective gear and apparel, lacrosse referee accessories and more

  20. We Add Our Logo to Numerous Products
    Indicators, plate brushes, cards, wallets, bags, a mask and more

  21. We Increase Our Warehouse Capacity
    After deciding not to move to another location

  22. We Double Our Product Images
    Including becoming first to offer views of umpire chest protectors from the backside and multiple images of products worn from various angles not offered elsewhere

  23. Sherry and I Attend NASO Summit in Tucson
    And meet with over 1,000 officials

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