Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Find New Balance MF995 Field Shoes Here First

Our initial shipment of 2009 New Balance All-Black MF995 Field Umpire/Referee Shoes arrived yesterday. And despite a few others who jumped the gun in pre-selling these when New Balance requested that we hold off, we are currently the only retailer with these in stock and available for shipping.

Preliminary indications are that we'll stock more versions of New Balance's new field shoe than other officials' retailers with low cut (MF995LBK) in standard D and EE wide widths and mid cut (MF995MBK) in D width.

The shoe, which is good for use in baseball, softball, football, lacrosse and any other outdoor sport is really nice. The low cut is based on New Balance's 995 cross-training shoe you may have seen elsewhere last year but in an all-black finish and without the royal blue in the sole. It's adds an outer design with both flat and shiny elements that result in a very unique and attractive shoe.

The availability of the mid cut will serve as our first available field shoe in this style which has been greatly needed in our overall shoe selection.

We'll continue to have stock of the popular MU350LK model from the last 2 years in most sizes through much of spring 2009. The MU350LKs are on sale right now, but we don't plan to treat this shoe as a closeout item. So, you'll have a choice, at least for a while of the low-cuts, between two different styles within the same brand.

For further information and additional views, click their links or the images.

So do you like the new design or prefer the MU350LK model? Would love to here your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Like the new shoe upper but I hate the sole. The "tractor" grip on the 350 is the best gripping sole I have had other than real cleats which look stupid on umpires.

Don't feel like signing up for another web service so I will sign it here. Dave Teater, Danville, KY "Majordave" on several umpire forums.

Foothillmatt94 said...

I'm not the biggest fan of the tongue on the 950 model. It is very annoying when the tongue creeps down toward the middle of the top of your foot. Tying the shoes tight doesn't seem to help out at all. The look and feel of the overall shoe is awesome though.....I wonder if the mid cut for this shoe has the same problem with the tongue (I own the low cut)

Great product though and thanks ump-attire for great customer support......